About Us

Kinetek’s Elevator & Construction Solutions Group (EESG) provides flexible elevator designs that will fit into a wide range of hoistways — whether machine room-less or overhead traction. Kinetek provides the optimal solution for any new construction or modernization project.

From controls and machines to cabs and fixtures, Kinetek provides you with many design options. Proven engineering strength, global sourcing, and field-tested quality, along with our willingness to accept challenging requirements, set us apart from the competition. We take pride in being the leading open architecture provider in the elevator industry.

In 2017, We haveAlso opened up our branch to  the construction industry. This is an ExpansionThat we have been waiting for for a long time. By merging together Large companies in New York. The purpose of this merge was to expand our technology and understanding of the elevator industry into a more general and broad, Industry such as construction,Landscaping and Roofing, And plumbing.

It is our belief that throughThe expertiseAnd talents that we have within ourCompany, We will be able toHelpMany otherSectors of theseI’m tappedIndustries.

We’re looking to expand ourOffices in United States, Starting with New York City, Followed by Florida, Then we will expand to Texas, And Maryland. These are the four cases that is in our radar and we areLooking forward to execute on before 2020.

There is a lot of Techniques and insights we haveThat regainedTruly years of testing and optimizing our machines. Most of these insights have something to do withRaising and elevating, Heavy Popsicles furniture, Machines. ,One of the biggest examples of this is the only other Since ourInvention enough, We have been able toCombineOr learning with current machines that has allowed us to lift and buildWhat’s stronger and efficientBillings than ever before.

We look forward to our time in United States, It is in our bestInterests to make sure that our partnersHave a mutual benefit and weContinue to grow our businessAll over America. Our dream is actually going to see how her technology being used in every stateIn every city of America.

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